Miracles Bring Problems for Worker in Northern Africa

Two men from North Africa one with an arm around the other

The family of a man in northern Africa dying of a liver disease had already planned his funeral when a native Christian worker went to pray for him. “Our worker went by faith and laid hands on him and prayed fervently by faith, asking God to be honored and glorified in his life,” the leader of the native ministry said. The patient’s vital signs began to improve, but soon the village elders sought to ban the worker from the area.

Help Form New Disciples in North Africa

North African women with head coverings sitting with their children

Christians and Muslims are forming relationships that create good will and break down barriers to the gospel through a local ministry’s sports outreach. Competitions are held in several areas, including one where provincial officials attended events and praised workers for creating a spirit of cooperation as they brought together people of different faiths and economic levels for sustainable development.

Help Plant Gospel Seeds in North Africa

In spite of arrests and church closures, with much prayer and fasting native Christian workers shared the gospel in both broadcast recordings and personal discussions as they planted several home fellowships. One worker visited a man dying from a liver disease. After he lay hands on him and prayed, the man left the hospital 11 days later completely healed, and he and 35 relatives put their faith in Christ.

Help Plant Churches in North Africa

Working in a strict Muslim country, native Christian workers had the experience to safely share the gospel with many people as they visited 21 villages last year, 10 of them previously unreached. They planted 91 secret house churches, each with five to 10 members, in 12 villages.

Help Send the Message of Eternal Life in North Africa

Multiple kinds of outreaches of one native ministry enabled workers to bring the gospel to more than 140,000 people over the course of six months, and to another 32,000 souls through media. “We thank the Lord for continuing to deliver the message of Jesus to needy people,” the native ministry leader said.

Help Spread Word of the Kingdom in North Africa

Man and woman speaking at the font of a small church in North Africa

Pastors leading churches in predominantly Muslim areas face the challenges of members losing opportunities for jobs or marriage because of their new faith, as well as lack of worship buildings. Native Christian workers offering leadership and evangelism trainings address these challenges and teach values such as servant leadership and unity.

Demon-Possessed Girl Encounters Christ in North Africa

North African Christians sitting and standing in rows with their heads bowed and hands up worshiping God

A single mother in North Africa wanted nothing to do with Christians, but when unclean spirits began haunting her daughter, she was compelled to bring her to a service for healing prayer. Known for being contentious and unruly, Ruba* often neglected her seven children and had left the now-haunted daughter in the care of a relative who practiced witchcraft, the leader of a native ministry said. “Evil spirits inhabited her daughter, and when she noticed, she took her daughter back home after three years,” the leader said. “She was now 14 years old, but she was haunted by evil spirits.”

Help Transform Lives in North Africa

African woman wearing heads coverings and holds groceries in bags

The pleas of spiritually and economically needy people are daily in the ears of native Christian workers, whose first priority is to point them toward the Lord. Workers shared Scripture and prayed with a mother who was in despair because her two daughters viewed God as cruel for taking their father, and soon peace came to their home as they allowed Christ to be Lord of it.

Help Bring Muslims to Christ in North Africa

African women sitting in chairs wearing head coverings and masks

Muslims who once refused to listen to any talk of the gospel are asking native workers about their faith in Christ. The villagers have begun requesting prayer as they and their families need healing, work and other help.

Help Build Strong Disciples in North Africa

Christian missionary speaking to a large group of women and children about the gospel

A street vendor used to defraud customers until he received a visit from a local Christian worker who invited him to a gospel event, where the man prayed for forgiveness and accepted Christ. Every aspect of his daily life has changed as he has grown in the Lord.