Help Bring Tribal People to Christ in Togo

Togolese Christians sit outside on a concrete patio with their hands held up worshiping God

Several ethnic Ewe women serving Hevioso, a West African god of rainstorms, recently heard native Christian workers share the gospel and put their faith in Christ. Among the Ewe overall, workers saw 62 people accept Christ in 2022. A ministry seminar among the Mossi tribe resulted in 40 people accepting Christ and the planting of two churches last year, with discipleship continuing.

Help Transform Lives with the Gospel in Togo

Togolese Christian evangelist standing in front of a bush holding a stack of tapes for teaching

A native ministry was able to share the gospel with 3,450 people over the course of six months. Among them was a 19-year-old man who had left school and gone on drinking binges. “During our soul-saving seminar, by the grace of God he was saved and was baptized,” the ministry leader said. “Since then he is now respecting his parents and has stopped drinking; he has gone back to school and is preaching the Good News to his friends.”