Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Native Missionaries

With native missionaries’ inspiring testimonies and intimate knowledge of their local cultures, the only thing that keeps them from bringing the gospel to more people is poverty. Even in the best of times, most native Christian workers lack the finances to bring Christ to as many of their fellow men, women and children as they long to reach.

Help Plant Churches in Unreached Areas in South Asia

In South Asia, the Church is growing through miraculous demonstrations of God’s power. A 55-year-old man fell from the second floor of a building and damaged his spinal cord and hips. For about five years, he was bedridden and unable to walk or stand without help. When a new house church opened in his village, the man heard about miraculous healings happening there and invited the elders to pray for him.

Share the Hope of Redemption in China

Workers with a local ministry led a shaman to Christ. When he became terminally ill, he sought medical treatment, but nothing helped. Upon hearing about the man’s condition, several missionaries visited him, explained the gospel, and prayed for him. He called them the following day to tell them he was completely healed, and he decided to follow Jesus and throw away his instruments for shamanic rituals.

Bring God’s Love to Children in South Asia

Local missionaries providing literacy classes to poor children paid special attention to a 10-year-old boy who was anxious and withdrawn after the death of his father, and one day a teacher taught about how Christ will not leave His people as orphans (John 14:18). Listening intently with tears falling, the boy gave his life to Christ that day, and he is now an engaged and cheerful student who makes others laugh.

Help Workers Proclaim Life in Christ in Spain

A family of five fled war-torn Ukraine, arriving in Spain frightened and without hope. Local missionaries spent time developing trust with them, and the family began coming to meetings at the ministry’s refugee center and accepted Christ. “God made a radical change in their lives; now they have peace of mind,” the ministry leader said.

Help Spread the Good News in Gambia

A student at a native ministry’s school was distraught by the absence of her father, who had left her family when she was a baby, but then a local missionary shared about knowing God as her Father and spent much time sharing the gospel with her family. The girl attained joy and confidence after accepting Christ.

Help Feed Poor Children in Latin America

A nourishing meal helps impoverished children in Paraguay to learn, grow and hope for a better future. Every Sunday morning native Christian workers provide meals and Bible stories for poor children, then visit their homes to determine needs and share the gospel.

Enable Workers to Proclaim Christ in Cameroon

On the first day of a ministry’s evangelistic event, a mentally unstable homeless woman who was addicted to alcohol rushed to the front of the room to repent and express her desire to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. While other attendees mocked her, ministry workers asked if she believed God could heal her mind, and she replied, “yes.” They prayed for her, and she was instantly healed.

Help Fulfill the Great Commission in Iraq

Security issues keep Christians from attending local churches in many areas, but they grow in the Lord through worship and study of God’s Word through a WhatsApp group, including questions and answers.

Add People to God’s Kingdom in North Africa

A patient at a native ministry’s medical clinic despaired of ever being healed of a diabetic wound, and local missionaries read to her from John 5 the narrative of the invalid healed after 38 years. At the workers’ urging she prayed in Christ’s name, and she gained hope as healing advanced to miraculous stages.