About Us

Christian Aid Mission seeks to establish a witness for Christ in every nation by assisting indigenous ministries who are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in some of the world’s most difficult mission fields, giving priority to ministries making disciples among unreached people groups.

We evaluate every indigenous ministry we assist to verify their faith, financial integrity, and fruitfulness. Then we help them sustain and grow their work by making their needs known to believers in developing nations who supply them with prayer and financial support.

The ministries we assist are fully independent and not affiliates of Christian Aid Mission. They are led by evangelical Christians who live and work inside of their own countries.

Christian Aid Mission works with hundreds of indigenous ministries that share the gospel of Christ with more than 2,000 unreached people groups in eight regions of the world: Africa, China, Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia.


Christian Aid Mission is governed and staffed by evangelistic, Bible believing, born again Christians who uphold the fundamental doctrines of historic evangelical Christianity.

Unreached People Groups

Thousands of people groups are still unreached, yet only a tiny fraction of global mission resources is directed toward reaching them. We assist hundreds of indigenous ministries sharing the gospel with more than 2,000 unreached people groups.