October 2023

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

Christian Evangelist riding on the back of a motorcycle being driven by another man on a muddy road in the Congo
October 1

Help Equip Evangelists in Congo

Routes to unreached jungle villages were accessible only by motorcycle and on foot, but native Christian workers recently went to plant churches in those areas; there were no schools within 12 miles, and the nearest health center was 19 miles away. With prayer, commitment and faith, they recently opened three churches with 173 members in those villages.

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Brazilian man standing in front of others leading a bible study in a home with a tin roof
October 2

Provide Gospel Resources in Brazil

Tribal people have eagerly received solar audio Bibles in their native tongue and are growing closer to God. Local Christian workers are also distributing SD cards that contain the Jesus Film in the local language, as well as hymns and Bible study materials. These SD cards are placed in used cell phones collected in churches.

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Chinese Christian gathered together in an apartment sitting at a table for a bible study
October 3

Help Support Gospel Workers in China

The gospel made new inroads as native ministry leaders encouraged church members to serve their neighbors by cleaning the homes of the elderly, moving furniture and helping with trash removal. Looking after children, the church members formed relationships with parents and invited them to church Christmas celebrations.

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Two men play the accordion and violin for a Holocaust survivors in Israel
October 4

Help Advance the Kingdom in Israel

Native Christian workers have continued to faithfully bring word of the kingdom of God to the lost, with more than 600 people hearing the gospel over six months. Among the means of creating opportunities to share Christ were visits to Holocaust survivor groups and a weekly children’s Bible club, resulting in kids’ parents or grandparents attending worship services.

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Southeast Asian Christian man with his hand on top of a girls head praying for her while others sit nearby
October 5

Support Church Planters in South Asia

A 40-year-old man who showed signs of demonic possession since age 10 used to run out of his house in the middle of the night and eat ashes from ritual cremation grounds. He had been to witchdoctors and received all possible medical treatments without success before he heard a native Christian worker preach in his village this year

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Cambodian man putting on a radio broadcast of the Bible
October 6

Help Bring Word of Salvation in Cambodia

A 38-year-old Buddhist monk had everything he needed in his monastery, where he had lived since his teens, but he longed to be a child of God. He had listened to a native Christian worker’s radio broadcasts for about four months when he heard him quote John 1:12 about becoming children of God through receiving Christ.

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Spanish man in a green North Face shirt taking a selfie with an African man wearing a black shirt
October 7

Equip Gospel Messengers in Spain

Among 15 inmates who put their faith in Christ after a native ministry leader preached at their prison was a young man who was subsequently released and began a new life. He recently called the leader to say he cannot stop reading the Bible. “God changed his life from a narco-trafficker to a new person,” the leader said.

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Nigerian children crowded together for an event
October 8

Send Aid and Gospel Hope in Nigeria

Violence and kidnapping have driven thousands of people from their homes, creating unprecedented opportunity for native Christian workers to share the gospel as they provide critical aid to the displaced. “We need 400 Hausa Bibles urgently and more audio Bibles in Hausa, Fulfulde and English,” the ministry leader said.

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Nepalese Christians meeting outside wearing warm clothes sitting in blue lawn chairs for a Bible study
October 9

Help Bring Gospel Reconciliation in Nepal

Witchdoctors unable to cure a sick woman accused her neighbor of putting a curse on her. The neighbor was then ostracized, and her health deteriorated as she worried that she could be publicly beaten over the false accusation. After medical treatment failed, her family brought her to a native Christian worker for prayer, and when she attended his worship service, she was astonished to find her sick neighbor present.

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Mexican Christian Evangelist praying for a Mexican man in a shed
October 10

Send the Message of Eternal Life in Mexico

An alcoholic who burglarized the home of a native Christian worker later threatened him so severely that he had to leave town with his family for a few days. The aggressor himself was later forced to leave the area because of his violent ways, and he became so emotionally distraught that he sought the worker’s help.

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Turkish Christians sitting around a table in a small room with their children for a Bible study
October 11

Help Plant and Grow Churches in Türkiye

Native Christian workers are seeing the Lord do amazing things. After much prayer and outreach, workers began a fellowship of Iranian refugees in one town, and in another city, a new home fellowship has begun as 12 people recently put their faith in Christ. Each week after Sunday worship, workers and church members travel to two cities more than 80 miles away to share the gospel and lead services.

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North African women with head coverings sitting with their children
October 12

Help Form New Disciples in North Africa

Christians and Muslims are forming relationships that create good will and break down barriers to the gospel through a local ministry’s sports outreach. Competitions are held in several areas, including one where provincial officials attended events and praised workers for creating a spirit of cooperation as they brought together people of different faiths and economic levels for sustainable development.

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Filipino Christians spending time together at their church playing instruments and enjoying refreshments
October 13

Help Build the Kingdom in the Philippines

A native Christian worker has started a house church among his relatives, and the ministry that supports him is praying other members of the community will soon join. “Their days now are not only spent in farming and hunting, but they have a special day spent only in worshipping the Lord,” the ministry leader said.

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Pakistani Christian worker gives food to man so that he and his two children can eat
October 14

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in Pakistan

A farmer woke one morning unable to get out of bed or speak. A native Christian worker visited his home and shared how Christ is able to heal. Weeping, the man called on the Lord in his heart. “The Word of God touched me, and I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior,” he said, adding that he was later healed after further prayer.

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Teenage Christians in Malawi holding their Bibles while standing in their church which is made of clay bricks and a tin roof
October 15

Help Workers Share the Gospel in Malawi

A native Christian worker who has brought many people to the Lord said the gospel tracts he leaves in various villages are still effective. After a two-hour trip to preach at a church earlier this year, he led eight people to give their hearts to Christ and encouraged congregation members to share the gospel with others.

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Chinese Christians sitting in rows behind desks listening to a speaker talk at a training conference
October 16

Help Send the Word of Life in China

The pandemic forced church members to spend more time with family, and native Christian workers encouraged them to share personal stories and literature with relatives. Praise God that workers and church members saw lives transformed in Christ as they connected more deeply with family members.

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Young Iranian girl wearing a floral head covering and two necklaces
October 17

Help Workers Proclaim Good News in Iran

When native Christian workers collected a church offering to bring to a needy family, upon arrival they were surprised to hear the daughter tell them she knew they were coming from Jesus. She told them that two nights prior she had dreamt of being in a beautiful garden where Jesus told her He would send her help.

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South Asian man and children using dried grasses to make a wall for their shelter
October 18

Help Power Gospel Advance in South Asia

The leader of a native ministry recently had the opportunity to preach in two new villages, resulting in two families putting their faith in Christ and joining churches. He and other workers have focused on two people groups in the grip of witchcraft and alcohol. In one village, workers prayed for a man known for his malice, sexual immorality, drinking and stealing, and he said he felt the power of God piercing through him as he remembered every sin he had ever committed.

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Sri Lankan children wearing their white and blue uniforms at school crowding around their teacher
October 19

Help Send the Salvation Message in Sri Lanka

A native ministry that provides shelter, food and education to orphans and other poor children is doing much to raise future generations of biblically grounded Christians. A teacher at the ministry’s school recently told children about the importance of doing what is right, explaining that Christ would help as she shared the gospel with them.

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Indonesian men sitting cross-legged on the floor sharing a meal together
October 20

Support Workers Proclaiming Christ in Indonesia

Native Christian workers spent much time in prayer before visiting a Hindu “holy man” with the gospel. When he and his wife put their faith in Christ, they were first kicked out of their home, and then the village and Hindu leaders held a ceremony ritually excluding him from their ancestral temple.

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Christian woman in Zimbabwe feeding several children who are holding green and blue bowls
October 21

Help Provide Aid to the Needy in Zimbabwe

In a country ravaged by drought and inflation, hunger is widespread. Three children in an area where a native ministry works recently collapsed at school from malnutrition, and workers added them to their feeding program. “We thank the Lord for bringing these children to us; it is a blessing to help the community,” the ministry leader said.

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Lebanese boy wearing a quarter-zip sweatshirt smiling
October 22

Help Send Word of Christ’s Grace in Lebanon

A father of three young children was pleased when they became involved in a native Christian ministry’s youth program, and when he was laid off from one of two jobs he had taken to support his family, a native Christian worker offered to pray for him.

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Christian woman in Greece standing in a coffee shop with several refugees from foreign countries
October 23

Help Provide Aid to Refugees in Greece

A refugee mother who was jailed for lack of legal papers was separated from her young son, who was sent to a hospital. Native Christian workers assisted in obtaining her release, reunited her with her son and helped her locate her two other children who had traveled with another family.

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Christians in Bangladesh sit cross-legged on the floor of a bamboo and tin house going through a rigorous Bible study together
October 24

Help Spread the Salvation Message in Bangladesh

A follower of a traditional religion wondered how his sin could be removed, and then a native Christian worker had the opportunity to share the gospel with him. The man received Christ and has begun telling his relatives about God’s grace. Workers focusing on an unreached people group recently planted a church among them, and members of that congregation are bringing the gospel to their relatives in a neighboring village.

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Laotian Christian points a sign while speaking through a microphone while another man works on the electronic equipment
October 25

Help Plant Fellowships in Laos

Native Christian workers planted 26 churches over a six-month period in two ways: They led people to Christ at seminars that families from different areas attended, with those people going back to their villages to worship in their homes, while other churches began as ministry teams brought the gospel to various districts.

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Togolese Christians sit outside on a concrete patio with their hands held up worshiping God
October 26

Help Bring Tribal People to Christ in Togo

Several ethnic Ewe women serving Hevioso, a West African god of rainstorms, recently heard native Christian workers share the gospel and put their faith in Christ. Among the Ewe overall, workers saw 62 people accept Christ in 2022. A ministry seminar among the Mossi tribe resulted in 40 people accepting Christ and the planting of two churches last year, with discipleship continuing.

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Peruvian missionary reads a passage of the Bible to a man in the woods
October 27

Enable Evangelistic Outreach in Peru

A woman who accepted Christ at one of the churches of a native ministry shared the gospel with her husband for years, but he was not interested. Her death left the 60-year-old widower in a remote village in the Andes deeply anguished, and the gospel seed planted in him began to germinate.

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Refugee in Europe holding a missionaries hands
October 28

Help Desperate Refugees in Europe

Among the refugees that native ministries receive are both Christians and Jews escaping jihadist violence from different countries, including Nigeria, Morocco and Mauritania. Workers in one European country formed an outreach offering spiritual and psychological help for Jewish refugees.

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Chinese children sitting in red chairs playing with dominoes at a green table
October 29

Provide Gospel Training and Tools in China

Praises that a teenager who experienced the care and teaching of native Christian workers recently put his faith in Christ, as God’s Word broke the bondage of belief in ancestral deities. At the same time, discipleship through trainings, camps and Bible studies strengthened the faith of young people and others.

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South Asian Christians playing outside in a grassy area with an inflatable beach ball
October 30

Support Evangelism and Discipleship in South Asia

When a native worker went to a Christian’s home, non-Christian neighbors were angry that her feet had touched their area and came over to beat them. The Christians continued to pray, however, and the hostile family left – only to return days later to ask the worker to pray for a grandchild that had died. She prayed, and the child was revived.

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Christian missionary delivers food to a Middle Eastern woman wearing a red head covering in a refugee camp
October 31

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Respecting the unique, God-given vision of each native ministry we find, Christian Aid humbly assists them in their calling to share the gospel, and many of them are based in the world’s most difficult fields of spiritual and physical need. Committed to serving rather than directing, we financially assist them as God provides through our donors, giving priority to ministries making disciples among unreached people groups.

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