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June 1

Help Missionaries Become More Effective Leaders in Lebanon

A native ministry’s theology program enables men and women already on the mission field to study part-time to enhance their biblical, historical, and theological understanding. “With the influx of new Arab believers, the Arab Church is in need of theologically educated and biblically trained men and women who are equipped for effective ministry to their communities across the Arab world,” the ministry leader said.

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June 2

Support Community Outreach in Zimbabwe

In one community, drinking and prostitution are rampant, and to reach the local people, native missionaries use feeding programs as an outreach tool. Before each meal is served, the ministry workers preach about the goodness of the Lord and give those present the opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

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June 3

Bring Much-Needed Aid To Refugees in Europe

A refugee fleeing war learned of a native ministry’s refugee center, and when she visited, she received groceries and dental treatment, a medical service provided for free. She also decided to attend worship services at the church, and six months later, she was baptized. “I’m very thankful to God who led me to this church,” she said. “This church gave me help and supported me in a difficult time.”

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June 4

Celebrate With New Believers in Sri Lanka

A man and his wife, both workers on a rubber estate, faced an uncertain future due to their low monthly income and loans they struggled to pay. But through native missionaries, they heard the good news of Jesus and chose to put their trust in Him. Now, they have worked themselves free of their financial issues and are filled with peace.

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June 5

Deliver Hope And Healing in Southeast Asia

A man who attended a ministry’s medical outreach clinic heard the gospel and chose to follow Christ. The pastor in his village was overjoyed when he heard the news because not only had he already discussed Jesus with the man many times, but he also has built a friendship with him.

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June 6

Build Up The Body Of Believers in Uganda

A man addicted to alcohol was transformed after he heard the gospel from native missionaries. He became a leader in the local church and encourages his neighbors to attend worship services with him. A woman stopped consulting with witch doctors when she chose to follow Christ. Now she sings in the choir.

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June 7

Lead The Lost To Christ in Türkiye

A young Muslim man began to question his beliefs, sensing there was something missing from his life despite his devotion to Islam. “I yearned for a more personal connection with God,” he said. “A deeper understanding of His love and purpose for my life.” The man came across a magazine that included articles about Christian faith and personal testimonies.

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June 8

Share The Lord’s Mercy in Myanmar

The civil war in Myanmar continues to inflict terror and tragedy, with soldiers now going door to door demanding that men ages 18 to 35 join the military. A native ministry’s building that housed more than 60 children and young people was destroyed by a bomb, and one of its churches in another village was also destroyed during fighting.

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June 9

Bring People To Faith In Jesus in Venezuela

Entire families have come to know Christ through the work of one native ministry that provides meals and reading and writing lessons to vulnerable children. After a missionary shared the gospel with the children of her community, one little boy immediately told his parents. Filled with curiosity, the whole family began to attend the local church, and several months later, they accepted Jesus as Lord.

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June 10

Expand The Gospel’s Reach in Bangladesh

A young Buddhist man heard the gospel when a missionary traveled to his village and preached to the people. As a child, the young man had always questioned Buddhism and would ask his parents why they worshipped an idol that cannot speak or hear. After he heard the missionary teach the gospel message, he wanted to learn more about Christ.

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June 11

Comfort The Weary in Burundi

During an evangelism event, a homeless man asked the missionaries for prayer. They learned he fled his home as a child after he witnessed gunmen kill his family. The missionaries prayed for him and gave him a Bible, then they took him for a haircut and bought him new clothes.

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June 12

Share Jesus’s Mercy With Refugees in Greece

A refugee sought help from a native ministry because she needed a place to stay and because she had psychiatric issues and needed medical help. Ministry workers placed her in short-term accommodations and eventually into a refugee camp.

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June 13

Refresh Missionaries With Peace Of Christ in Indonesia

The leader of a native ministry travels on his motorcycle through villages tucked into the mountains and through cities and towns to preach in the name of Jesus and to train new believers as Christian leaders. Some of the places in which he and his team work have been devastated by natural disasters such as floods and volcanic eruptions.

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June 14

Support House Church Growth in South Asia

Because of increasing restrictions and persecution, native ministries rely more on house churches for evangelism and discipleship of new believers. Christian workers from one ministry visited several house churches and were encouraged by the people’s faith and testimonies.

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June 15

Encourage Family Unity in Iran

A young woman went with her sister to a church member’s house one evening determined to discover why her sister’s behavior had changed. While there, the owner of the house presented her with a Bible, and the woman’s eyes immediately filled with tears.

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June 17

Support Bible Translation in Mexico

A man who did not believe in Jesus discovered his wife’s audio Bible translated into their native language, and when he listened to the story of Jonah, his heart was changed. “His eyes filled with tears because God had spoken to him personally and in his language,” the ministry leader said.

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June 18

Assist With Community Evangelism in the Philippines

Native missionaries established a friendship with the leader of a local tribe, which enabled them to conduct door-to-door evangelism throughout the community. Many people chose to follow Christ, and the next day, the missionaries organized a fellowship with all the new believers.

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June 19

Minister To Young Adults in Kyrgyzstan

A teenage boy attended a weekly outreach event for teens organized by a local ministry because it seemed like a fun way to pass the time. Each Saturday, the ministry rented a soccer field for the teens to play soccer together. Then, they came together at church to sing, fellowship, and talk about God.

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June 20

Come Alongside New Churches in Africa

Native missionaries drove through heavy rains to meet with villagers in a remote area who had only recently begun to regularly meet together. But their meeting place was beneath a tree, and on this day, the downpour pushed everyone into a small house nearby where the missionaries used the book of Philemon to discuss the importance of house churches such as theirs.

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June 21

Support Discipleship Efforts in Israel

A young, single mother who struggled with severe anxiety began attending a mid-week Bible study and, as she became more involved, she saw her need for Jesus. The church members embraced her and, after a while, she chose to follow Christ and was baptized.

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June 22

Strengthen Persecuted Families in Pakistan

A native ministry provided immediate assistance to Christian families who were attacked by an angry mob and who suddenly found themselves homeless and without any basic necessities for life. The ministry provided cooking and eating supplies and temporary housing and meals, and they also distributed Bibles to those who lost theirs to the mob’s attack.

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June 23

Support Missionaries’ Gospel Work in the Philippines

To establish effective church plants in new villages, native Christian workers first integrate into the communities through helping the people create sustainable economic ventures. Missionaries provide farmers with fertilizer, seeds, beans, and tools, as well as livestock such as hogs, goats, or chickens.

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June 24

Share The Grace Of Christ in Sierra Leone

When ministry workers with one ministry met a pregnant teenager who lived on the streets, they learned she had fled her home to avoid marriage and female genital mutilation. They presented the gospel to her during an outreach event, and she joyfully accepted Christ. The church became her adopted family and even helped her with her medical bills after she gave birth.

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June 25

Help Refugees Find Joy in Spain

An 8-year-old refugee girl who suffered severe trauma, including sexual abuse, was permitted by her Muslim family to attend a native ministry’s children’s program and Sunday school. After several months, her father commented that she was noticeably changed and full of joy that he couldn’t explain. Her mother, too, was in awe, asking what had happened to her daughter.

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June 26

Advance Christ’s Kingdom Into Remote Places in Argentina

By walking or via motorcycle, native missionaries with one ministry visited and evangelized in several rural communities, including in remote and inhospitable mountain villages. Through storms and hot weather, and undeterred by roads thickened with mud, these Christian workers preached Scripture, provided Bible training to local tribal leaders, and baptized and discipled new believers.

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June 27

Lift Up Christian Workers in South Asia

When workers from a native ministry were called on to help a man who had begun to act in an unusual manner, they anointed him with oil and prayed over him. A few days later, he returned to his normal self. In another place, a woman was told she would not survive after both her kidneys began to fail. But church members gathered and prayed for her, and she was healed.

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June 28

Share The Gospel’s Salvation Story in Guinea

The chief of a village in which Christian workers had planted a new church hated its presence and made frequent threats that he would have it removed. But when his wife became seriously ill, the chief asked the church pastor to pray for her. As the pastor and his prayer team prayed over the young woman, she opened her eyes and asked for water.

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June 29

Teach New Believers Evangelism Techniques in Iraq

As the number of new believers increases, one native ministry has begun to organize trainings that teach about following Christ and obeying Scripture, as well as evangelism techniques. About 20 attendees at one of the recent training sessions live in areas under strict religious law and must serve the Lord and evangelize in total secrecy.

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June 30

Help Find And Vet Native Ministries

Evangelism is often effective when native missionaries establish trust with those to whom they want to share the gospel. For many Christian workers, this means integrating into communities through local jobs, such as in government or healthcare; teaching their neighbors important skills such as how to successfully grow vegetables or raise animals; or simply being their friend.

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