Sharing the Love of Christ

Following the example of our Savior, who met people’s physical needs along with their spiritual needs, we provide help to those who are needy and suffering through indigenous ministries.

When disasters strike in remote regions, indigenous missionaries are often the first responders, taking every opportunity to share the hope they have in Jesus Christ. Likewise, indigenous missionaries care for those whom society has rejected, including victims of leprosy, street children, and widows. They shelter and protect persecuted believers and the families of Christian martyrs. They go tent-to-tent in refugee camps throughout the Middle East to aid, listen to, and pray for broken people who were forced to flee their homes.

Help from God’s people in developed nations provides indigenous missionaries with the resources they need for compassionate outreach—resources like food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, provision for the persecuted, and children’s homes for the orphan.