Help Find, Vet, and Evaluate Workers

In the most difficult mission fields where there are no churches and no Christians, native missionaries are doing more than anyone to bring the gospel to the unreached. Nothing need be spent on teaching them the language, culture, and customs of the ethnic groups they’re serving – they have an inherent, intimate knowledge of their own people.

Meet People’s Needs in Jesus’ Name in Lebanon

The need for medical care is growing as living conditions deteriorate among both the vulnerable and those with higher incomes. Medicine prices have also skyrocketed after the government lifted subsidies on most drugs. A native ministry is helping to meet the need at its clinic at the church site and at its community center, serving about 100 to 120 patients weekly. Both Lebanese and Syrian refugees receive care. Workers also helped them survive winter with blankets, tarps, food and vouchers to acquire fuel for heaters.

Help Send Gospel Hope in China

Through their well-established outreach to students and professionals, workers with one ministry led a successful entrepreneur to Christ. She confessed that, despite her wealth and social status, she struggled with depression and found no lasting help from psychiatric treatments. After accepting Christ, she said her heart was full of joy, and she removed pictures of Buddha from her house and asked the ministry to destroy them.

Form and Strengthen Disciples in Pakistan

A native ministry that provides Bible correspondence courses also distributes a magazine as a follow-up tool to address issues for those exploring Christianity. Evangelists, Sunday school teachers, and other church leaders also use the magazine to bring people closer to Christ. “We work for church enrichment and spiritual growth,” the ministry leader said.

Mobilize Missionaries to Reach the Lost in Chad

A 30-year-old man used to wear charms on his body for protection against evil spirits and was addicted to alcohol. Since missionaries led him to Christ, he burned his charms and stopped drinking alcohol. He invites his neighbors to join him in attending weekly discipleship classes. This man is one of many people whom missionaries with one ministry have led to Christ.

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in Sri Lanka

As economic and political crises led to medicine shortages, native missionaries invited many sick people to worship services where they received healing prayer. One woman who had suffered for six months with chest pain received healing and is now testifying of the Lord’s power to other villagers. “Some villages were strongly against the Good News of Jesus, but now the people have changed, as they know we are helping poor people and children,” the ministry leader said.

Help Support Native Workers in China

Native workers with one ministry conduct a variety of outreaches in the regions to which they have been assigned, reaching multiple demographics through ministry to singles, parents, professionals, athletes, and children. “Because of the specificity and small size of each ministry, it is very easy for outsiders to join in and share a loving relationship with others,” the ministry leader said.

Send Aid to Devastated Refugees in Spain

Most of the refugees arriving from Ukraine, the Middle East, and Africa are traumatized, especially women and children, and a local ministry has a team of psychologists who care for them and help them re-integrate into society. “But the main work is of a spiritual order, because we understand that it is the greatest need they have,” the ministry leader said.

Open Gospel Opportunities in Mexico

To work among indigenous peoples who have resisted the gospel for centuries, native missionaries received training that includes practice periods among different tribes. In two areas they are also providing education to poor children, meeting a deep need as indigenous children have very limited access to schools. “We are equipping our workers with more and better educational and technological tools to carry out this work,” the ministry leader said.

Bring Eternal Life to the Lost in Cambodia

A native ministry provides accommodation for university students and others where the gospel can be shared. One impoverished young man was neither a Christian nor a student, but after coming to Christ he has moved back to his home village, where he has obtained work and eagerly shares his faith with others. Another young man from the slums was turned away from a Buddhist temple but began living at the dormitory, where he learned about Christ and changed his life course.