Mobilize Missionaries to Reach the Lost in Chad

A 30-year-old man used to wear charms on his body for protection against evil spirits and was addicted to alcohol. Since missionaries led him to Christ, he burned his charms and stopped drinking alcohol. He invites his neighbors to join him in attending weekly discipleship classes. This man is one of many people whom missionaries with one ministry have led to Christ.

Help Save Lost Souls in Sierra Leone

A Muslim couple who attended a local ministry’s church service afterward said they had heard that Jesus can still heal people, and they asked the pastor if he could help them, as the wife was suffering stomach pains. The pastor replied that only Christ could heal her if He chose to; he prayed for her, and she was cured. “The woman is now in the church serving God,” the ministry leader said.

Send Word of Life to the Unreached in North Africa

Sports evangelism is helping to break down misconceptions that Muslims have about Christians. One 23-year-old Muslim involved in program soccer games said he was surprised to learn that Christians were good, moral people. Such sports outreaches, distribution of Bibles and literature, and teaching bring the unreached to faith in Christ.

Help Save the Lost in Burundi

In areas where witchcraft, prostitution and alcoholism are rampant, native Christian workers visited homes to pray for people and share the gospel with them; over the course of six months, they shared the gospel with more than 2,000 people. Among them was a woman left homeless from alcoholism whose life was transformed when she attended an evangelistic event and received Christ’s grace.

Help Bring the Salvation Message in Kenya

Meeting many people who are ill and oppressed by unclean spirits, native Christian workers offer to pray for them and see God manifest His power. One worker prayed for a woman who had suffered with an illness for 15 years, and the Lord delivered her. “She gave her life to Christ, and now she is a born-again sister,” the ministry leader said. Visiting homes with the gospel and distributing Bibles over one six-month span, workers shared the gospel with more than 700 people.

Support Kingdom Expansion in Nigeria

In spite of widespread terrorist dangers, local Christian workers are providing aid to the displaced, drilling boreholes for fresh water and proclaiming Christ’s salvation. After distributing more than 2,000 Bibles, workers followed up with recipients and baptized those who put their faith in Christ.

Help Spread the Good News in Gambia

A student at a native ministry’s school was distraught by the absence of her father, who had left her family when she was a baby, but then a local missionary shared about knowing God as her Father and spent much time sharing the gospel with her family. The girl attained joy and confidence after accepting Christ.

Enable Workers to Proclaim Christ in Cameroon

On the first day of a ministry’s evangelistic event, a mentally unstable homeless woman who was addicted to alcohol rushed to the front of the room to repent and express her desire to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. While other attendees mocked her, ministry workers asked if she believed God could heal her mind, and she replied, “yes.” They prayed for her, and she was instantly healed.

Add People to God’s Kingdom in North Africa

A patient at a native ministry’s medical clinic despaired of ever being healed of a diabetic wound, and local missionaries read to her from John 5 the narrative of the invalid healed after 38 years. At the workers’ urging she prayed in Christ’s name, and she gained hope as healing advanced to miraculous stages.

Help Provide Workers’ Monthly Upkeep in Chad

People in predominantly Muslim areas are more open to the gospel as local missionaries improve their lives with clean water, health care and education, but in some areas they brace themselves against hearing the gospel after receiving such expressions of Christ’s love.