Support Community Outreach in Zimbabwe

In one community, drinking and prostitution are rampant, and to reach the local people, native missionaries use feeding programs as an outreach tool. Before each meal is served, the ministry workers preach about the goodness of the Lord and give those present the opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

Restore Broken Relationships in Zimbabwe

A woman abused by her husband learned of Christ and accepted Him as Savior through the evangelism of native missionaries. She then became involved in a women’s ministry and learned of the power of prayer and the importance of committing your spouse to the Lord.

Support Sustainability Projects in Zimbabwe

Ministry workers taught a group of women in one community the importance of saving money and, after eight months, the women compiled their savings and hired a company to drill for water in their village. Previously, water was scarce, but now, the people can cook, plant vegetables, do their laundry, and practice improved hygiene.

Help Provide Aid to the Needy in Zimbabwe

Christian woman in Zimbabwe feeding several children who are holding green and blue bowls

In a country ravaged by drought and inflation, hunger is widespread. Three children in an area where a native ministry works recently collapsed at school from malnutrition, and workers added them to their feeding program. “We thank the Lord for bringing these children to us; it is a blessing to help the community,” the ministry leader said.

Help Plant Churches in Zimbabwe

A 40-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair since she was 4 years old had suffered sexual abuse as a child and lost her parents when she was 15. She was homeless when native workers met her and led her to Christ. “She could not believe that there are people who genuinely love her, minister to her and show her the right path,” the ministry leader said.

Provide Compassionate Aid in Zimbabwe

Two Zimbabwean women serving lunch to children at school

Learning of a widow who suffered partial blindness for five months, local Christian workers prayed she would be able to get an eye operation, though the costs were far beyond what anyone could afford. After more than three months, on faith they took her to a hospital – on a day when doctors happened to be doing eye operations for free.

Help Form and Strengthen New Christians in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans sitting in a semicircle waiting for workers to deliver essential food items

When an elderly villager lost his adult daughter and son to COVID-19, a witchdoctor told him his wife and in-laws were to blame, causing the senior great conflict with them. Local missionaries traveled to pray and minister to him, and they led him to faith in Christ; he was heartened to learn how the workers had entrusted themselves to the Lord when they lost a loved one to cancer.