Assist Those In Search Of Peace in Slovakia

A Ukrainian refugee nearly lost his life when his home flooded due to the purposeful destruction of a dam. He survived by climbing with his neighbor onto the roof of the neighbor’s three-story home, where they were eventually rescued by boats. But when the boats tried to pull onto the riverbanks, soldiers shot at them, and their boats were destroyed.

Give Aid To Refugees in Slovakia

A retired couple fled Ukraine and discovered a refugee ministry when they arrived in Slovakia. The ministry workers offered them groceries and medicine and invited them to their church services. “Besides help we had warm fellowship when we visited them,” the woman said.

Provide Spritual And Humanitarian Care To Refugees in Slovakia

A Ukrainian refugee visited a local ministry to obtain groceries and receive free dental and barber services. The workers were so kind to him that he also began attending church services on Sundays and a small group during the week where he studies the Bible and fellowships with others. “I’m so grateful to ministers and partners for help they provide to refugees today,” he said.