Advance Christ’s Kingdom Into Remote Places in Argentina

By walking or via motorcycle, native missionaries with one ministry visited and evangelized in several rural communities, including in remote and inhospitable mountain villages. Through storms and hot weather, and undeterred by roads thickened with mud, these Christian workers preached Scripture, provided Bible training to local tribal leaders, and baptized and discipled new believers.

Support Bible Translation in Mexico

A man who did not believe in Jesus discovered his wife’s audio Bible translated into their native language, and when he listened to the story of Jonah, his heart was changed. “His eyes filled with tears because God had spoken to him personally and in his language,” the ministry leader said.

Bring People To Faith In Jesus in Venezuela

Entire families have come to know Christ through the work of one native ministry that provides meals and reading and writing lessons to vulnerable children. After a missionary shared the gospel with the children of her community, one little boy immediately told his parents. Filled with curiosity, the whole family began to attend the local church, and several months later, they accepted Jesus as Lord.

Help Missionaries Build Relationships in Mexico

A native ministry trained its missionaries on practical ways to integrate with local communities and build relationships with the people. Now, those missionaries have begun to use that training to teach the people how to raise animals, vegetables, and micro crops. Missionaries are also teaching lessons on bread-making and textiles, as well as plumbing, electricity, carpentry, and blacksmithing.

Change Lives With The Gospel Message in Peru

A farmer addicted to alcohol and abusive toward his wife and children attended church with his family one Sunday at the invitation of his neighbor. When he heard the gospel preached that day, he and his wife accepted Jesus as Savior, and their life together was immediately changed.

Stand With Churches Through Challenging Times in Brazil

A native ministry received a letter—folded and smudged—with this message: “My brothers and sisters, covid came and we did not die. There is a lot of malaria in our region, but we are still alive. The illegal miners shot us, and we are still alive. The great famine came, and we are still standing. Foreign missionaries left because of the government ban, but we are still standing, and the church has been meeting all the time.

Community Service For The Sake Of The Gospel

Seventeen-year-old Mateo* hated his parents for the years of physical and verbal abuse he suffered at their hands. His resentment toward his family coupled with the constant peer pressure from his friends weighed heavy on his shoulders, and the burden grew more difficult to carry each day. But on the day that he met a native missionary in his rural community, his life changed in a way he never could have imagined.
The missionary told him about Jesus. About forgiveness and redemption and transformation. Mateo soaked up the truths the missionary taught him, and in return, the missionary listened to Mateo’s own troubling life story. Their conversation came exactly when Mateo needed it the most; and as the Holy Spirit moved, Mateo gave his life to Christ.
After he chose to follow Jesus, Mateo received a Bible that he read all the time, and he visited the missionary each day to discuss the stories he’d learned about in Scripture. He even forgave his parents, and with that forgiveness, the burden he’d struggled with for so long was lifted. Now, his once bleak outlook on life has dramatically shifted: he hopes to become a missionary, preaching among indigenous communities and helping change lives as his own was changed.

Reach Communities For Christ in Colombia

A man who struggled with suicidal thoughts attended an outreach event organized by a native ministry in an indigenous community, and God spoke directly into his heart. Not only did he choose to follow Jesus, but God also freed him of his desire to end his life.

Meet The Need For More Church Plants in Chile

A native ministry started a small congregation in a local man’s home, and now 10 adults and seven children worship together there every two weeks. This is just one example of the many church plants Christian workers have established, and the need for more churches continues to increase.

Encourage New Believers Into Deeper Faith in Argentina

A man devastated by the unfaithfulness of his partner came to church at the invitation of his brother and heard the gospel. The next day, a ministry worker visited him to have a deeper conversation about Christ, and the man gave his life to the Lord and was baptized. Now, he regularly attends Bible studies and serves in the men’s ministry.