Stand With Churches Through Challenging Times in Brazil

A native ministry received a letter—folded and smudged—with this message: “My brothers and sisters, covid came and we did not die. There is a lot of malaria in our region, but we are still alive. The illegal miners shot us, and we are still alive. The great famine came, and we are still standing. Foreign missionaries left because of the government ban, but we are still standing, and the church has been meeting all the time.

Help Save the Unreached in Brazil

In an area rife with criminals and warring tribes, native ministry workers received some tribal people fleeing dangers and provided them with solar-powered audio Bibles. “We praise God, because one enemy group is opening their hearts to hear about the gospel,” the ministry leader said. Workers throughout the country need donations to share the gospel and disciple those who receive His grace. Pray that new churches would be strong and unified.

Help Power Gospel Outreach in Brazil

While native Christian workers establish new contacts with members of an ethnic group in one area, others have been working for more than 40 years in a village where another tribe has long resisted the gospel. In that area both children and adults are addicted to alcohol and drugs. “But suddenly we have been surprised by the miracles of conversion in the last five months,” the ministry leader said.

Help Disciple Tribal Believers in Brazil

A village recently obtained online access that cleared the way for workers to create a WhatsApp group to discuss the Bible with tribal people. Workers also sent solar Bibles and used cell phones with SD cards containing the Jesus Film, Bible studies and praise songs, including material in their native language.

Provide Gospel Resources in Brazil

Brazilian man standing in front of others leading a bible study in a home with a tin roof

Tribal people have eagerly received solar audio Bibles in their native tongue and are growing closer to God. Local Christian workers are also distributing SD cards that contain the Jesus Film in the local language, as well as hymns and Bible study materials. These SD cards are placed in used cell phones collected in churches.

Help Proclaim Christ as Lord in Brazil

Young Brazilian man and woman riding up a river in gas powered wooden boat

An ethnic woman maligned a native Christian worker and tried to keep her from spreading the gospel until severe illness drove her to seek her help. The worker explained the gospel, and the villager gave her life to Christ; her health was restored, and she now leads a women’s ministry.

Brazilians Desperate for Gospel Despite Dangers

Brazilian Christian missionary paddles across a river in a wooden boat

Visiting a town downstream years ago, a tribal leader in Brazil had sold many of his goods and spent the earnings on alcohol. Though drunk, he was heading out in his small canoe to the tribal village he had founded. “Unable to paddle, he was swept away by the current of the river,” the leader of a native ministry said. “He lay on the hull of the canoe, and he was taken downstream far from his village. He was swept away by the wind and the river.”

Help Save the Unreached in Brazil

Brazilian man taught how to use electronic device by Christian missionary

Waves of COVID-19 have subsided and then resurged, and a native ministry leader and those close to him were infected and praise God that they recovered.

Gospel Finds Good Soil and Hard Ground in Brazil

Brazilian Christian missionary prays with men and women in wooden house

A woman in a remote jungle village of Brazil learned half of the gospel by habitually partying and getting drunk. Camila* didn’t need anyone to tell her that sin led to despair and spiritual death, because she had lived it by pursuing empty pleasures, a native Christian leader said. “She said that it no longer gave her joy,” he said. “She was very sad and with great despair for the future of life, especially when she thought about man’s eternity.”

Help Power Gospel Outreach in Brazil

Brazilian children sitting in a semicircle wearing headbands that they made and listening to a Bible lesson

While native Christian workers establish new contacts with members of an ethnic group in one area, others have been working for more than 40 years in a village where another tribe has long resisted the gospel.