Voices Of The Persecuted Church

“No media has the courage to speak up on Christian persecution,” said one ministry leader in South Asia. “But God doesn’t waste our heartbreak. We are beginning to see we were brought here for a purpose.”

This is the voice of the persecuted church.

Their heartbreak is real. Their spiritual battle is never-ending. Sometimes, their grief overwhelms their joy and their blood stains the streets. But through their sorrow, Christ is praised. “Hallelujah!” they say. For, despite their difficulties, they “still try to gladly serve and worship our crucified and exalted King.”

This is the voice of the persecuted church.

Read their stories. Stand with them. Believe in the power of the cross, for its enemies will not prevail.

Lift Up Christian Workers in South Asia

When workers from a native ministry were called on to help a man who had begun to act in an unusual manner, they anointed him with oil and prayed over him. A few days later, he returned to his normal self. In another place, a woman was told she would not survive after both her kidneys began to fail. But church members gathered and prayed for her, and she was healed.

Strengthen Persecuted Families in Pakistan

A native ministry provided immediate assistance to Christian families who were attacked by an angry mob and who suddenly found themselves homeless and without any basic necessities for life. The ministry provided cooking and eating supplies and temporary housing and meals, and they also distributed Bibles to those who lost theirs to the mob’s attack.

Support House Church Growth in South Asia

Because of increasing restrictions and persecution, native ministries rely more on house churches for evangelism and discipleship of new believers. Christian workers from one ministry visited several house churches and were encouraged by the people’s faith and testimonies.

Expand The Gospel’s Reach in Bangladesh

A young Buddhist man heard the gospel when a missionary traveled to his village and preached to the people. As a child, the young man had always questioned Buddhism and would ask his parents why they worshipped an idol that cannot speak or hear. After he heard the missionary teach the gospel message, he wanted to learn more about Christ.

Celebrate With New Believers in Sri Lanka

A man and his wife, both workers on a rubber estate, faced an uncertain future due to their low monthly income and loans they struggled to pay. But through native missionaries, they heard the good news of Jesus and chose to put their trust in Him. Now, they have worked themselves free of their financial issues and are filled with peace.

Encourage Those New To The Faith in Sri Lanka

A boy who could not speak began attending a native ministry’s preschool program, and ministry staff not only prayed for the child, but they also ministered to his mother. Through their faithful prayers, the little boy began to speak, and his mother accepted Christ as Savior. Though she now faces opposition because of her new faith, she has not wavered.

Support New Believers’ Deepening Faith in South Asia

More than 50 women attended a women’s conference organized by a native ministry to learn about the power of prayer. Most of the participants are ministry leaders themselves, and they expressed their gratitude for the many sessions available for them to attend during the conference, which was called “Empowerment through Prayer.”

Plant Gospel Seeds in Bangladesh

A Hindu woman in a native ministry’s tailoring program was amazed by a missionary’s story of Jesus following the conclusion of class one day. She invited the missionary to her home because her husband, a rickshaw driver, wanted to know more about Jesus too.

Help Lead The Lost To Christ in South Asia

Ministry workers laid the foundation stone for a new prayer hall, an exciting step toward creating a new place of worship in the region. Evangelism has been so fruitful here that many of the 400 to 500 worshippers sit outside the current meeting place each Sunday because there is not enough space inside for all to come together.