Strengthen Persecuted Families in Pakistan

A native ministry provided immediate assistance to Christian families who were attacked by an angry mob and who suddenly found themselves homeless and without any basic necessities for life. The ministry provided cooking and eating supplies and temporary housing and meals, and they also distributed Bibles to those who lost theirs to the mob’s attack.

Provide Native Workers With Outreach Tools in Pakistan

A native ministry has sparked change in a region of Pakistan in which child labor is a normal part of life. Through community outreach such as distributing school supplies to families, ministry workers can now report that 30 children who once worked in the brick kiln factories are now attending school instead.

Transform Lives With The Gospel in Pakistan

A man who considered himself a nominal Christian received a booklet from a local ministry and, as he read, he “gained a profound clarity about the nature of Jesus as the Son of God.” Previously, he struggled with doubts about his faith, particularly regarding Christ as divine, but he found all the answers to his questions within the booklet.

Form and Strengthen Disciples in Pakistan

A native ministry that provides Bible correspondence courses also distributes a magazine as a follow-up tool to address issues for those exploring Christianity. Evangelists, Sunday school teachers, and other church leaders also use the magazine to bring people closer to Christ. “We work for church enrichment and spiritual growth,” the ministry leader said.

Provide Bible Study Materials in Pakistan

Many people write to a local ministry about how its Bible correspondence courses have led them to Christ. The ministry sends its Bible courses to Christian youths and adults, as well as to seekers, with non-Christians representing 25 percent of those enrolled. Workers have also designed children’s stories for Sunday schools.

Strengthen the Body of Christ in Pakistan

A pastor recently expressed thanks that he was able to share the gospel with tribal people after receiving an invitation to preach among them. The ministry that supports the pastor also reached many villages with the gospel while distributing aid for victims of flooding, taking advantage of a worker’s ability to speak their local language.

Help Provide the Bread of Life in Pakistan

Two Pakistani Christians wearing white shirts holding their new Bible

The Lord is working through a native ministry that recently distributed hundreds of Bibles, including audio Bibles. One recipient said, “I am an illiterate person who had a thirst for the Word of God. Now after receiving the audio Bible, I listen to the Psalms and am being blessed by it.”

Help the Lost to Know Christ in Pakistan

Pakistan Christian pastor preacher while holding microphone and standing next to a brick wall

Native Christian workers are finding ample opportunities to share the gospel with the unreached as four new house churches regularly receive visitors. People from the surrounding communities have never heard about Christ’s grace. “Listening to the Word of God, they have started knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit has changed their lives,” the ministry leader said.

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in Pakistan

Pakistani Christian worker gives food to man so that he and his two children can eat

A farmer woke one morning unable to get out of bed or speak. A native Christian worker visited his home and shared how Christ is able to heal. Weeping, the man called on the Lord in his heart. “The Word of God touched me, and I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior,” he said, adding that he was later healed after further prayer.

Help Spread the Kingdom Message in Pakistan

Villagers labor long hours as indentured servants, working off insurmountable debt making kiln-fired bricks. Their children are trapped in the cycle of poverty but receive hope in Christ through Sunday schools that native Christian workers provide in various villages.