Celebrate With New Believers in Sri Lanka

A man and his wife, both workers on a rubber estate, faced an uncertain future due to their low monthly income and loans they struggled to pay. But through native missionaries, they heard the good news of Jesus and chose to put their trust in Him. Now, they have worked themselves free of their financial issues and are filled with peace.

Encourage Those New To The Faith in Sri Lanka

A boy who could not speak began attending a native ministry’s preschool program, and ministry staff not only prayed for the child, but they also ministered to his mother. Through their faithful prayers, the little boy began to speak, and his mother accepted Christ as Savior. Though she now faces opposition because of her new faith, she has not wavered.

Strengthen Church Leaders For Spiritual Warfare in North Africa

Eight young Muslim men were recruited from their villages by jihadists and spent more than a year involved in terrorism activities. But they soon realized their error in judgment and fled. When they happened upon Christian workers, they received Bibles in their native languages, and all chose to follow Jesus.

Support Biblical Education in Sri Lanka

A recent gift of five smartboards to a native ministry has provided an opportunity to expand the online theological program. The donation enables Christian leaders to better serve the needs of believers who are unable to attend some of the more than 230 available classes.

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in Sri Lanka

As economic and political crises led to medicine shortages, native missionaries invited many sick people to worship services where they received healing prayer. One woman who had suffered for six months with chest pain received healing and is now testifying of the Lord’s power to other villagers. “Some villages were strongly against the Good News of Jesus, but now the people have changed, as they know we are helping poor people and children,” the ministry leader said.

Support Evangelism and Discipleship in Sri Lanka

A woman who sensed the Lord’s call to evangelism attended a native ministry’s seminary, where she became confident in how to present the gospel and also sharpened her mind as she engaged with other students. The friendships she made with colleagues from other denominations helped break down barriers, unifying churches to serve together.

Support Evangelism and Discipleship in Sri Lanka

Christians in Sri Lanka standing indoors with their hands raised or folded while praying

A native Christian worker making home visits prayed for a sick family member, and then invited her to a Friday prayer meeting. Christians prayed for her there and at a Sunday morning worship service that she attended. “She said she felt a little better, and she contentedly came on Sundays for three months,” the ministry leader said.

Help Form Strong Disciples in Sri Lanka

Christians in Sri Lanka place hands on a young girl to pray for her in a room with green walls

When three families recently received Christ and began attending a native ministry’s church, the transformation that villagers saw in their lives led six others and their children to begin attending worship services as well. Residents noticed a changed atmosphere in the community, which helped win more people to Christ.

Help Send the Salvation Message in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan children wearing their white and blue uniforms at school crowding around their teacher

A native ministry that provides shelter, food and education to orphans and other poor children is doing much to raise future generations of biblically grounded Christians. A teacher at the ministry’s school recently told children about the importance of doing what is right, explaining that Christ would help as she shared the gospel with them.

Provide Food and Compassionate Aid in Sri Lanka

The number of children arriving hungry at a native Christian ministry’s primary school grew amid economic and social unrest, and workers provided them with lunches of nutritious rice and curry. “The mid-day meal is the most important one in Sri Lanka, and we are glad that we are able to feed these children,” the ministry leader said.