Share The Grace Of Christ in Sierra Leone

When ministry workers with one ministry met a pregnant teenager who lived on the streets, they learned she had fled her home to avoid marriage and female genital mutilation. They presented the gospel to her during an outreach event, and she joyfully accepted Christ. The church became her adopted family and even helped her with her medical bills after she gave birth.

Support Missionaries’ Gospel Work in the Philippines

To establish effective church plants in new villages, native Christian workers first integrate into the communities through helping the people create sustainable economic ventures. Missionaries provide farmers with fertilizer, seeds, beans, and tools, as well as livestock such as hogs, goats, or chickens.

Assist With Community Evangelism in the Philippines

Native missionaries established a friendship with the leader of a local tribe, which enabled them to conduct door-to-door evangelism throughout the community. Many people chose to follow Christ, and the next day, the missionaries organized a fellowship with all the new believers.

Refresh Missionaries With Peace Of Christ in Indonesia

The leader of a native ministry travels on his motorcycle through villages tucked into the mountains and through cities and towns to preach in the name of Jesus and to train new believers as Christian leaders. Some of the places in which he and his team work have been devastated by natural disasters such as floods and volcanic eruptions.

Share The Lord’s Mercy in Myanmar

The civil war in Myanmar continues to inflict terror and tragedy, with soldiers now going door to door demanding that men ages 18 to 35 join the military. A native ministry’s building that housed more than 60 children and young people was destroyed by a bomb, and one of its churches in another village was also destroyed during fighting.

Deliver Hope And Healing in Southeast Asia

A man who attended a ministry’s medical outreach clinic heard the gospel and chose to follow Christ. The pastor in his village was overjoyed when he heard the news because not only had he already discussed Jesus with the man many times, but he also has built a friendship with him.

Help Church Plants Disciple Their Flocks in the Philippines

A ministry leader drove more than 100 miles on dirt roads to join in celebration with the congregation of one of the ministry’s church plants, which had organized a baptismal event along the Pacific Ocean for one of its families. Together, the mother, her husband, and their daughter were baptized in the ocean.

Provide Assistance To The Persecuted in Southeast Asia

A member of the Communist party heard the gospel from his aunt and became a believer in Christ. His life was so transformed that his parents, wife, and children all accepted Jesus, in addition to five other families in his village. But as word spread about the man’s decision, local officials became involved, visiting him many times to warn him away from his newfound beliefs.

Help Vulnerable Students Receive An Education in Myanmar

An 11-year-old boy was accepted into a native ministry’s school after the director happened upon him, his younger siblings, his mother, and grandparents following their escape from their village, which had been bombed as part of the ongoing civil war.

Support Discipleschip Of Persecuted Believers in Laos

A village leader known for his dislike of Christians gave five local Christian families an ultimatum: leave or renounce their faith. The families refused either option and instead continued to worship together in a home. But their defiance increased the village leader’s hatred.