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With Christianity dating back to the first century A.D., the country east of the Jordan River and northeast of the Red Sea now has a population that is 96.3 percent Muslim. Of the 2.3 percent who identify as Christian, 61.8 percent are Orthodox and 18.4 percent Roman Catholic, with Protestants making up 10.7 percent.

The official language is Modern Standard Arabic, but most native Jordanians speak a dialect known as Jordanian Arabic, and English is the de facto language of business and has co-official status in schools and universities.

Native missionaries operate a theological seminary that has trained Christians for work in 19 Arab countries, as well as most of the evangelical pastors in Jordan. The seminary needs assistance to cover tuition for trainees and to help support graduates as they begin church planting in countries with high poverty and persecution.

Ministry leaders also seek help to cover costs of an online training program to help Muslim-background believers plant house churches in Islamic countries. Also sought is regular support for missionaries working in multiple native ministries. A ministry that trains leaders from countries throughout the Middle East helps equip children’s ministry workers and house-church leaders to reach their respective countries with the gospel.

Jordan has a high number of refugees, including Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Yemenis and Libyans. One ministry provides Syrian and Iraqi refugees with aid, and its Christian school serves traumatized refugee children, including special teacher aides for those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This ministry thus provides a huge help to the children’s families. Workers need assistance for this ministry, which opens the doors for them to share the gospel with refugee families. A counseling and discipleship center for traumatized refugees also offers vocational training such as skills in sewing or hair dressing.

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Jordanian boys stand in front of a wall holding up their children's bibles translated into Arabic

How to Pray
for Jordan

  • Pray that leaders will continue to be trained online or otherwise for badly needed leadership in Middle Eastern countries.

  • Pray that growing signs of persecution of Christians in a country that has long lived peacefully with Christians would come to an end.

  • Pray that refugees would put their faith in Christ and find freedom to practice their new faith.

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