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Persecution of Christians is on the rise throughout South Asia, as radical Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists seek to “purify” their countries of religious minorities.

Despite this persecution, Christianity is rapidly growing in this region. Today in India, between 15,000 and 20,000 people are baptized every day. Northern India still contains the world’s largest number of unreached people groups, however. India’s Christian leaders are beginning to collaborate on how to reach these groups.

In the Islamic country of Pakistan, radical Muslim groups flourish. Many Christians are falsely accused of violating Pakistan’s “blasphemy laws” and imprisoned. Islamic extremism has significantly increased during the last 10 to 15 years due in large part to Islamic education centers where 40 million children are taught to persecute religious minorities like Christians.

Christians comprise less than 2 percent of Pakistan’s population and are at the bottom of the socio-economic strata. Likewise, Christians are typically the poorest members of society in India, where the gospel is taking root among the low-caste populations. Though India is the world’s largest democracy, more than 300 million people in India still live below the poverty line.

How You Can Make a Difference

Radical Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist groups in South Asian countries are actively pursuing the eradication of Christianity, making ministry increasingly difficult for native believers. Higher levels of persecution against Christians have not deterred indigenous missionaries from sharing the gospel; however, they need your support to help them continue making disciples for Christ amid fierce opposition.

Ways To Give

South Asian Christians sitting a carpeted floor praying together

Evangelism & Discipleship

Workers with one Christian Aid Mission-assisted ministry South Asia have planted a total of 600 churches, which are attended by approximately 24,000 people. The ministry’s theological institute trains and equips native believers for Christian service. Church-planting missionaries settle in urban and rural communities, establishing relationships to win souls to Christ. This ministry has established a church in every major city inside of its country. GIVE NOW to help evangelistic and discipleship ministries like this one in South Asia.

South Asian Christians provide a medical clinic for small children

Community Engagement

Since 1974, a Christian hospital has provided medical care, along with the gospel message, to poverty-stricken people suffering from ailments such as leprosy, tuberculosis, blindness, and malnutrition. The staff conducts free eye camps in the villages surrounding the hospital, performing simple surgeries to restore sight to thousands of people who would otherwise be severely limited in their ability to earn a modest living. Every year, the medical team screens approximately 10,000 patients at the eye camps and performs around 2,000 surgeries, mainly for cataracts. A hospital chaplain shares the gospel with patients and 30 gospel workers have established fellowships in several outlying villages. The hospital has helped construct church buildings in many small communities. GIVE NOW to help community engagement ministries like this one in South Asia.

3 South Asian Christians sit on the floor reading the Bible together


Human trafficking runs rampant in India. Every hour, four girls enter prostitution, three of them against their will. Girls as young as 10 years are trafficked from economically depressed neighborhoods to major prostitution centers. An indigenous ministry is successfully rehabilitating survivors of forced prostitution back into the community as self-sustaining citizens who love the Lord Jesus. Through basic life skills, education, vocational training, counseling, and help with housing, survivors of trafficking are finding healing and restoration. GIVE NOW to help compassion ministries like this one in South Asia.

Exclusive Stories from the Mission Field


Support Evangelism Opportunities in Pakistan

A man who attended camps organized by a native ministry recently chose to put his faith in Christ. Later, ministry workers gave him audio Bibles to distribute to his community, and he has since begun to share the gospel with his family members and other relatives.

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Equip Missionaries For Spiritual Battle in South Asia

A man afflicted with evil spirits vomited blood and lost consciousness for several days each time the spirits attacked. His family spent a lot of money in an effort to heal him, but it wasn’t until someone suggested they go to the church and pray to Jesus that his life changed.

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Impact Believers Through Bible Studies in Sri Lanka

A youth leader attended Christian leadership courses through a seminary established by a native ministry, and, as a result, his faith deepened, and he began to see Scripture with new eyes. “The program challenged me to completely change the way I read the Bible, teaching me to discern the rights and wrongs in interpreting Scripture, helping me shape a more theologically sound doctrine,” he said.

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Strengthen The Persecuted Church in South Asia

As a Christian worker and her family lay sleeping, their home was set on fire. Though the family escaped, their home and everything in it was destroyed. The incident was one of several the family has endured. Villagers attacked the woman’s daughter while she attempted to gather water, and they let cattle loose in the family’s fields to destroy their crops.

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Bring The Gospel To Remote Places in Bangladesh

At the invitation of a village leader, two pastors agreed to visit his village, which sits 90 miles from where they live. They journeyed first by bus and then on foot, walking 25 miles to reach their destination. The people were eager to hear the gospel, and 54 were baptized that day.

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Provide Christian Resources To New Believers in Pakistan

Native missionaries distributed audio Bibles to 50 illiterate believers in one tribe so they could listen to the word of God. Because the people of this tribe have no access to education, the availability of audio Bibles is a tremendous gift for those who seek to study Scripture. “Praise be to the Lord who uses us for the fulfillment of the Great Commission among the tribes and nations,” the ministry leader said.

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