Establish Relationships With Native Christian Workers

Native missionaries understand the challenges of bringing Christ to people firmly rooted in the traditional religions of their cultures. But they also know that they must persevere for the sake of the gospel, and they do so with joy in their hearts.

Encourage Those New To The Faith in Sri Lanka

A boy who could not speak began attending a native ministry’s preschool program, and ministry staff not only prayed for the child, but they also ministered to his mother. Through their faithful prayers, the little boy began to speak, and his mother accepted Christ as Savior. Though she now faces opposition because of her new faith, she has not wavered.

Support Workers’ Outreach Efforts in China

Christian students invited their roommates and friends to a recent ministry-organized camping trip, and some who agreed to come only attended because of their interest in the event, not because they wanted to learn about Christ. But their fellowship with believers left them wanting to know more about the gospel, and ministry workers have realized the importance of discipleship following such events.

Transform Communities Through Outreach Events in Cameroon

A mentally ill homeless woman announced that she wanted to accept Jesus as her Savior during an altar call at an evangelism event. When asked if she believed God could deliver her from her troubles, she said yes. Despite the mockery that erupted from other attendees, a missionary prayed with her, and she was instantly delivered.

Help Church Plants Disciple Their Flocks in the Philippines

A ministry leader drove more than 100 miles on dirt roads to join in celebration with the congregation of one of the ministry’s church plants, which had organized a baptismal event along the Pacific Ocean for one of its families. Together, the mother, her husband, and their daughter were baptized in the ocean.

Engage With Non-Believers Through Underground Evangelism in China

In one native ministry’s small group, the pastor speaks in a near-whisper and the people must sing quietly to avoid detection by the authorities. But this fellowship time is invaluable for believers to deepen their relationship with God and each other. It also provides an opportunity to engage with non-believers who want to build friendships with others.

Support Fellowship Opportunities in Albania

Recognizing the importance of discipleship to both men and women, a native ministry has worked hard to organize groups and events specifically targeting the spiritual needs of local believers. Ministry workers led a men’s study called “Every Man is a Fighter” that helped train Christian men how to serve in different ministries

Help Christian Leaders Befriend The Lost in the Middle East

The leader of a local prison admitted to a pastor that he had secretly taken one of the New Testaments the pastor and his co-workers delivered to the prison for the inmates. The man hoped that the pastor would discuss the Scriptures with him because when he read on his own, the words “brought him such comfort.”

Restore Broken Relationships in Zimbabwe

A woman abused by her husband learned of Christ and accepted Him as Savior through the evangelism of native missionaries. She then became involved in a women’s ministry and learned of the power of prayer and the importance of committing your spouse to the Lord.

Support New Believers’ Deepening Faith in South Asia

More than 50 women attended a women’s conference organized by a native ministry to learn about the power of prayer. Most of the participants are ministry leaders themselves, and they expressed their gratitude for the many sessions available for them to attend during the conference, which was called “Empowerment through Prayer.”