Mother Fleeing Evil in Peru Pleads for Prayer

Lucero* had fled the occult and abuse and was addicted to strong drink when she tearfully asked native Christian workers in a remote village in the Andes to pray for her wrecked life.

Workers learned that the 48-year-old Lucero had been estranged from her six children since abandoning them for alcohol years prior.

“Her parents were witches,” the leader of the ministry based in Peru said. “She and her younger sister used to watch the evil rituals that her parents performed. Lucero felt uncomfortable. In her village there was an evangelical church, and she would escape and listen to the songs.”

As a teenager she’d run away from home. She’d found a job in a city and gotten married, but her husband made his living running illegal drugs to Bolivia and was an alcoholic. He beat her and the children.

She fled and took refuge in alcohol, and her children grew up resentful of her for abandoning them, the leader said.

“One day she saw the sign of one of our local congregations,” he said. “She attended on a Sunday morning, and there she heard the praises and the message of Jesus, remembered her childhood and with tears asked the local missionary and the congregation to pray for her life. That day Lucero accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.”

She has since been praying to reconcile with her children and is looking for work.

“God also freed her from all addiction to alcohol and from all generational curses of witchcraft,” the leader said. “Lucero now attends all the Bible studies and is filled with joy. She knows that God loves her despite the bad decisions she previously made.”

The Holy Spirit has also cleared the way for workers to reach students in public schools, as principals usually grant permission for them to share about Christ. At one school, students paid no attention until the worker then gave them two biblical passages to write down.

“As they wrote, they were broken by the Holy Spirit,” the leader said. “Then the missionary asked them if they wanted to receive our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and the 21 students raised their hands; it was a beautiful time.”

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*Name changed for security reasons

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